14 November 2006

Discovering recipes...

Being unemployed I am able to take the time to try out some new recipes. The other day I attempted Butter Chicken and Naan - from scratch. The BC turned out quite nice, a little spicy, but very tasty! I have a few ideas to work on perfecting it... I am trying to capture the flavour that India Gate Butter Chicken has (I miss it so).
This is absolutely a repeat item. Sorry, I forgot to photograph it :(

The Naan wasn't spectacular but decent. I don't think I had the dough warm enough to rise they way it should have. Next time I will try it with water instead of milk and in a warmer space to activate the yeast.

Tonight I attempted a dish I found in the Liquor Store magazine. Beef Tenderloin medallian served over baby arugula and polenta topped with parmesan and served with a red wine sauce. I used baby spinach instead of arugula and added asparagus as a side dish. This was my first time attempting Tenderloin as well as Polenta.
Yummy! It certainly wasn't perfect but tasted pretty good to me. My wine sauce wasn't quite right but it is hard to screw up a nice cut like tenderloin!

Polenta is made with milk, broth and cornmeal and this one had parmesan in it... it is cooled in a baking pan and cut into slices that are then fried on each side to make a crustini.

My Polenta didn't fry well but it tasted great.

I'll be trying that dish again and I think it will become quite a good meal once I have it mastered.

We went to see "Stranger Than Fiction" tonight. It has Will Ferril and Emma Thompson and a pile of other great actors. It was quite good. Not the typical Will Ferril comedy that I was expecting. It was a good story and his character was actually quite endearing. I really liked it.



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