26 November 2006

Something is wrong with the planet...

Only a week ago we had a rainstorm that caused gigantic trees to crash to their earthly deaths and create turbidity levels in our water system that incited the largest boil water advisory in Canada. Now we are having a snowfall advisory before it is even December!
Climate change is here, my friends.

Well, Greg, mom and I are trying to make the best of it (see the escape hatch blog for photos in the snow). I started putting lemon in my boiled water so it wouldn't taste so strange... making lemonade out of lemons.

We have been eating well, as usual. Greg and I both tried our hands at homemade butter chicken and Greg's was better :) Of course he was working with suggestions from me about how to change the recipe from the first time ;)

Our local thai restaurant "Lhy Thai" is yummy and we found a funny thing on the menu: Phat Phuk. See the photo in the slide show. We also ate at a few excellent pasta joints but we keep forgetting to pull out the camera for the food!

Friday was Chrissie's room rennovation day. I couldn't handle how the room was set up... my "office" is in there and I never wanted to sit at the desk because it was too cramped and stuff. I couldn't deal any longer. I measured everything and created a little model in Illustrator and found the best possible arrangement. It took all day Friday for me to move furniture and get things reorganized. The result is amazing... no "Home and Garden" but so much better than before! I wish that I had taken a before shot!

After I was finished I had found space for Greg's bike AND dug up some old art supplies and an unfinished painting so my inner Picasso will return! I even hung up a few of my old paintings :)

In other news, last night Greg was introduced to playing board games with my family! We began with Rummoli and mom started out strong forcing a few of us to "borrow from the bank". Dana was getting rather frustrated after having slaved over a hot crock-pot to serve us delicious soup and fabulous lemon pie! But then... she struck gold, ladies and gentlemen. She took the elusive 7-8-9 pot along with the poker pot and a few other pots AND was first to go out, all in one round. We did find it a little suspicious that she dealt that hand, but whaddyagonna do?!

Then we moved on to Pictionary where Dana and I have been reigning champions for years. No one has been able to break our psychic connection. Mom and Greg didn't have a chance. It was rather nasty in the first round with the sore losers trying to figure out what went wrong. In the second round they had a bit of a chance so they weren't as sore the second time they lost.

So that is the update. Hope all is well with you!

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Anonymous said...

Three items of note:

1). My butter chicken is better. Always.

2). The fact that you took your reno ideas into Illustrator: That's awesome. Let's get naked.

3). Pictionary: If being sore is wrong, I don't want to be right!