01 December 2006

Climate Crisis


Greg and I just watched "An Inconvenient Truth" where Al Gore explains global warming very clearly. I had seen it before and still felt its impact the second time around. The statistics are alarming; the images of melting glaciers are shocking; and the Arctic and Antarctic changes are downright frightening. Heightened by the sound of the melting ice around our home.

No joke, there are huge pieces of ice melting and collapsing off of the roof of the condo and crashing to the ground making loud crashing sounds and lots of drip drip drip of runoff. Eerie to say the least. Apparently this November has seen the most precipitation in Vancouver's recorded history. Record rain and wind at the beginning and now record snow fall. A bit extreme if you ask me.

Please see this film. Better yet, be diligent about your personal consumption of energy. Here are 10 things you can do to make a difference:

- change a light bulb to a more energy efficient one
- drive less
- recycle more
- properly infate your car/vehicle tires
- use less hot water
- avoid products with excess packaging (heck, call companies and complain about it)
- adjust your thermostat (in either direction if you have air conditioning)
- plant a tree (or lots of trees)
- turn off electric devices when not in use

Thank you for reading this :)

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