02 December 2006

Latest Obsession

Ok so now we just watched "Who Killed the Electric Car?" which got me all fired up again.

Who Killed the Electric Car?

And ironically there are screeching tires outside as I type this ;)

The biggest shocker for me was that GM actually crushed hundreds of great electric cars that were taken out of the hands of consumers who wanted to renew their leases or buy them outright. A group trying to save the EV (electric vehicles) managed to come up with about $2 million to buy out the last remaining cars (cars that were taken back from lease holders) but GM refused and shipped them off to the crushing yards.

Take heart my friends because I just read this article:
The Electric Car Is Not Dead Afterall

There are also places out there that will convert your regular car to an EV for a reasonable fee. We just found a site that offers kits for Geo Metros (canev.com)... too bad Greg's Geo really is dead. Though it is clear who killed it - teen Mallory!

He's mopping the tears off his face right now.

Wow, I guess Vancouver does turn people into hippies...

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