19 December 2006

Stormy Storms

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And another one is scheduled to hit us on Wednesday. Not as strong but in the wake of the past month and a half of storms it could be dramatic. So far where we live has left us unscathed but poor Stanley Park. It was demolished.

This Global web page is quite explanatory: BC Storms
Be sure to check out the video of Janet Dirks report at that same link... it shows the extensive damage in Stanley Park.

More photos are available at CBC Photo Gallery

In the local news the comparisons are being drawn to past storms and the only one that can come close is Typhoon Freda. The following excerpt describes previous weather traumas in the Lower Mainland:

"Freda hit just after midnight on October 13, 1962,, with winds over 100 kilometres per hour, and lasted about four hours. Seven people were killed, a fifth of all the trees in Stanley Park were blown down, houses and buildings were damaged and the Lower Mainland was darkened from Horseshoe Bay to Hope.

On May 28, 1948, British Columbia's worst flood on record occurred, along the lower Fraser River. The toll: ten deaths, $300 million in damage, 200 families left homeless, rail service disrupted for two weeks and more than 80 bridges washed away."

According to the above website, the Fraser River used to freeze quite regularly but with the expansion of urban areas and continuous industrialization it rarely freezes anymore (see rants about climate change in previous posts).

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