11 January 2007

A Job & More Weather

It is official: I am a teacher!

Over Christmas I went for a job interview and was hired to teach three classes (two subjects) at the Art Institute of Vancouver. It is a private college and my campus is located right downtown at Granville station. Easy commute!
I am teaching Photoshop for Prepress (aka Advanced Photoshop) and Web Development 1 (aka Dreamweaver 8).

This teaching contract goes until mid-March and I am hoping there will be more classes to teach in coming semesters. I am also going to try to get work at the Universities teaching Gender Studies courses. And on top of this, I'd like to start a web-based business (finally). First I have to finish my report revisions for my Master's thesis... need to get that off my plate so I can officially graduate.

Meanwhile the weather is wreaking havock!

Stanley Park has been closed yet again because of the wind and snow... more trees have fallen and even seriously injured a woman. There is a huge fundraiser going on to try to rebuild the park and it has already raised $500 000. BC's rich guy, Jim Pattison is matching it dollar for dollar up to $1 million.

Dana and I went for our walk just as the storm was ending and there were power lines down, tree branches everywhere and even thunder and lightening. It was freaky.

Mom said she barely survived her drive home... luckily she was unscathed except for her nerves. Her and I are both glad she didn't have to commute to Abbotsford in this! She would have been stuck on the road anyway because during rush hour a helicopter had to make an emergency landing on Highway 1 right before her old Abbotsford exit.

Of course this makes me think of climate change ;)
Did you know that a humongous ice shelf on Ellismere Island in Northern Canada broke off a year and a half ago? As you can see in the image below, the shelf was 4,500 years old. Now that is some scary shit if ya ask me!

Click on the image to link to the CBC photo gallery with captions.


Anonymous said...

Holly crap Chrissie you grew up on the praries! Are you gonna let a little snow scare you?!

Unca Clive

Anonymous said...

Hey Chrissie,
I love the weather, let's have more!
Auntie Sue

Eric said...

Congrats on the job! Sounds like you should have fun. And Granville? I love that place... very cool location.

Anonymous said...

Yay for you getting a job. I'm very happy for you.

adams[dot]christina[at]gmail.com said...

thanks for the congrats - and I wasn't scared of a little snow but I am scared of the big melt-down ;)