21 April 2008


Since I have arrived in Vancouver I have met some fabulously inspiring people. This has encouraged me to plunge back into making Art, although I am still only in a conceptual phase.

Besides making new Art, I am also inspired to take another look at some of my previous work. I am finally applying to some Film Festivals (before my film gets too old!) and a good friend, Marlene, has encouraged me to give my Tarot cards from my BFA another chance at life.

Myself and a few close friends who are interested in creative expression have recently formed an Art Club that we call the Awe∑!(y) which is pronounced "awesome factory OR awesome factor and sometimes y". This came from a time when Greg said, "the awesome factor just went through the roof!".

This blog is one of the small steps I am taking in the Artistic direction. I also am planning on taking a course in video mixing or veejaying - I would love to mix imagery live to great music.

That is all for now!
gender girl

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