21 April 2008

What Girls Are Made Of?

One of the films located in the side bar is called "What Girls Are Made Of?" and was created as a part of my Master's Degree in Women's Studies.

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Thesis Report
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If you are in Newfoundland, you can borrow a copy of the DVD from the Women's Resource Centre at MUN, the MUN library and also from the Women's Studies department.

In this film four girls from across Canada share ways that they construct, reproduce, and challenge identity categories in their lives. By turning a critical eye to dominant forms of media they share ways in which they are affected by and/or resisting stereotypes and constructs that are available to them. They explore themes such as body image, race and gender.

For this project, the filmmaker traveled over the course of four months from St. John's to Vancouver and back. Many of the cities she stopped in had been her home at one point or another and the journey came to be as much about her own struggles with concepts of 'home' as it was about the girls' interviews. By inserting excerpts from a blog she kept the audience is invited to share this personal odyssey.

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