09 June 2008

Art, scooters and sinstar

I had to miss awesomefactory art club yesterday :(
We are packing house to move into our first home and I forgot how long it takes to pack. We were at it pretty late and Megatron (new nick-name) had to do some work-work.

On the bright side, I have applied to three film festivals. Two for "What Girls Are Made Of?" and one for "The Kremlin". Hopefully at least one of them bites. Preferably all three.

My next "to do" item on my creative list is to re-create my Tarot cards that I made for my BFA graduating exhibit. I have the negatives still so I need to scan them in and create a card template to go around them. I am going to write up a few sample card descriptions and try to find a publisher. Ahhh, it feels good to work on my own projects.

Megatron and I have a standing date on Saturdays with some super duper friends. Below is a smattering of what we keep them up to the wee hours with.


A night of Sinstar, I mean singstar...

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Late night scooter fun

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Gregger said...

Scooter Envy.