16 June 2008

Our First Home

Megatron and I just bought a condo of our very own. It is a sweet pad in the midst of West End Vancouver. I LOVE it! We have a large patio that is set down from street level enough to protect it from wind and passers-by but open enough to feel like we are in a small garden.

I have big plans for this patio.

The first thing we did was purchase a patio set and bbq at Superstore. I cannot believe how inexpensive the entire set up was! Probably due to sweat shops in some third world nation unfortunately. Our bbq is so swank looking that Megatron was a little ashamed and almost convinced me to go for a more "modest" looking bbq. In the end we went with the ferrari over the jetta - hence the name "ferrarbiQ".

Unfortunately our hose seems to have a leak so we haven't been able to fire it up yet!

Pictures to come.

Moving was spectacularly smooth. We have the best karma ever. There was an appliance delivery guy between jobs who came up to us and offered his help. He was built like a Giant and could lift a couch with one hand! Anyway, he began by offering his dolly but then worked up to offering to pick up our furniture in his enormous truck for the cost of gas. He basically ended up helping move our entire suite. We only moved one block. We gave him $50 and all-he-could-eat sandwiches.

He took a sandwich break at one point and regaled us with tales from Egypt where he was born and raised.

What luck?!

Lying on my bed in our new home I can see a maple tree with a huge canopy of green foliage. The sun shines through and it is just breath-taking. It already feels like home.


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