28 October 2008

'allo govnah

Ol' blog friends - I have new photos on flickr and have started a photo-blog. What I mean is that I have started posting photos taken with my iphone to flickr in a set to describe visually what is going on at a given point in my day. It would be nice to do it everyday for a 365 day view but that just won't happen.

I will post the feed on the sidewall so that the latest shot will be delivered here as well as on flickr. (or click here!)

In more news, I have started running. Something I thought I would never ever ever ever do. It just seems to be the best and quickest way to get a bit more fit. I am actually enjoying it. I believe it is because I am not trying to do a marathon or half marathon - just simply running for the peace of mind and body shaping. Currently I am working towards 5km running 10min walk 1 in three sets (well the third set is only 6min right now). This means that 30 mins of running is all I will do. I am quite happy with that. A half hour run a day is actually enjoyable.

Ok, enough of that. My kitty is driving me bonkers.
peace out y'all

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