26 August 2009

world & strength; Tarot

During the last year of my Fine Arts degree back in 2000 my work was focused on Tarot cards. Several things fascinated me about them:
- everything in the imagery was symbolic, just like the Christian Renaissance paintings
- when these images are laid out they create an intricate story; with each position the meaning changes making so many possible stories
- the Tarot process is very interactive and individual so the user/viewer is involved in the resulting story

These were the reasons I made Tarot art.

At the time I was a practicing Wiccan so this was a factor as well.

Now that I have abandoned most of my Wiccan ways, I still read Tarot cards. Reading Tarot is fascinating to me because:
- it is a mysterious craft
- when I read for people I feel that I am truly helping them, like providing another perspective on their lives in a world where we don't talk to people about our inner feelings and wishes (unless in therapy)
- 99% of people who I've read for have gained something from the reading

I am excited to read Tarot at an upcoming event in Vancouver. Watch my twitter for updates!
If you are in Vancouver and want a Tarot reading, contact me through my profile.


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