26 November 2009

Talented Friends, Online Marketing, Peak Oil.

sunset from airplane (leaving Las Vegas)
Sunset from airplane leaving Las Vegas, Nov 2008

My life is filled with amazing, talented friends - how lucky am I?!

This week my friend has shared her blog and her latest post was about a speaker she heard recently who was discussing marketing. (ladyclue.wordpress.com)

I only recently realized that it is OK to like marketing and I DO like it, especially online social media marketing. The important distinction for me is paying attention to what it is I am selling. I don't want to pretend that teeth are supposed to be white when clearly their natural state is more of an ecru. I want to sell stuff that is good for the world and society!

Speaking of society - I am worried that this digital world that has been born and developed in my lifetime will also die in my lifetime due to our soon to be rapid decline of energy. The time for peak oil has now passed my friends and I hope the fat cats who run this world can bail us out. If you don't believe me, check out this article from the Guardian UK.

I am not afraid of our survival or even our enjoyment of life - sure we will lack luxuries but I have a strong knack for getting through dire scenarios and am determined to create my own urban farm/food supply on a teeny plot of land I will be purchasing with my mom and partner in the next year or so. I'm even debating having chickens!

What I am afraid of is losing this beautiful electronic world where at a moments notice I can connect with friends across the planet. Where I can express my creativity and rant on about whatever I want - in the hopes that someone, even just one person, sees it. And maybe enjoys it, just a little.

It makes me want to blog more. It is inspiring me to get those podcasts out there. If I have a limited time to get my voice out there (narcissism) then I am going to do it! World, get ready for a plethora of videos, photos, audio podcasts, streaming blog rants and whatever other digital incarnations I can come up with!!!


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