22 February 2010

Chrissie's Vancouver 2010

I am so inspired by the Students LIVE and Historica-Dominion bloggers that I want to do my own post. I have been in action non-stop for about 2 weeks now and the lack of sleep is making me feel ooooooooold, but I am having so much fun!

There are a lot of stories that I want to tell and the truth is I probably should hold a lot of it in until I read my confidentiality agreement a bit more closely BUT, here are some highlights of my Vancouver 2010 experiences so far...

- Opening Ceremonies live
- Hanging out with some really cool teens who are blogging about Vancouver 2010
- Going backstage after phenomenal Stars and Hey Rosetta! concert
- Witnessing 350 aboriginal youth speak of their hopes and challenges at the Youth Dialogue event
- Nevermore performed at Push Festival
- Tracing Night by Ed Pien (visual art instillation at Vancouver Museum)
- Enjoying curling!!
- Amazing weather which is bringing out the cherry blossoms
- Witnessing this quiet "no fun Vancouver" turn into a party city! Never thought it was possible, even with the Games!
- Knowing that the bottle collectors are benefiting from the extra business and that all lost and found articles after a period of time are being donated to an organization that helps people who live on the streets (it is more complicated than this but there it is...)

Hopefully I will have time to put up another update soon. In the meantime check me out on CTV watching the Ladies Super G!!


Also check out my photos on flickr:


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Lisa Odland said...

I love your second highlight, we love hanging out with you too!

And the third, definitely a highlight of mine too, thanks for getting us in!