22 March 2010

Day 1, Week 1 - xtna's reset

First of all... more Olympic and Paralympic stuff coming soon (once I edit through my bazillion photos etc).

Now that the giant events are over I am taking on another huge challenge  which involves a different type of creativity. I have 4 weeks until Maui and with a little more time on my hands I thought I would take up a *presque* vegan lifestyle and follow the P90x exercise regime.

My goal is not a number on a scale - it is to complete the challenge. No meat, dairy, eggs or fish for 4 weeks PLUS completing each exercise session as laid out in P90x.

Today was day 1 and it started off excellently!

rye toast with avocado and tomato, salt and olive oil
1/2 apple and unsalted nuts
Brown rice with grilled tempeh, steamed asparagus and homemade tahini sauce topped with grated fresh ginger, a squeeze of lemon, a drizzle of soy sauce and sesame oil, finished with sesame seeds.

Oh, and must not forget the rye toast rubbed with garlic, sprinkled with sea salt and finished with a drizzle of olive oil. Down right comforting.

I had more of this toast later as a snack when I got a bit peckish :)

Before dinner I attempted the first P90x exercise videos: Back & Chest plus Ab Ripper. I wasn't able to do all of the exercises but I made a really good attempt and what I couldn't do, I tried alternatives that will help me get to them eventually (ie. push ups with knees bent).

Tomorrow holds a challenge in that I will be going on a dinner boat cruise. I will try to stay vegan but may have to slide to vegetarian - I am not going to be hardcore about the vegan thing when eating food others are cooking me. I will also have to do the exercises in the morning which I am never good at.

I'll try to keep you posted...

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