26 March 2010

Day 5 and I've remained mostly on the wagon...

Last night I made us Falafal plates inspired by Nuba (fave Lebanese restaurant of all time). Greg made the hummus and I made falafals and tabouli plus steamed broccoli with lemon and salt. Roasted lemon potatoes and pita to go with it all. I was seriously full after that meal! Delish. 

My goal of eating no meat or dairy for 4 weeks and doing P90x regime is mostly on track. It was a tough week to start since I have had Vancouver 2010 wrap parties all week but I have done quite well considering.

One thing to note is that wine is not considered meat or dairy so it is still in my diet ;)

The most challenging day was at the Cultural Olympiad end of games boat cruise. It was a dinner cruise and of course the vegetarian option was pasta with tomato sauce (I HATE tomato sauce) - plus it had cheese in it. So in order to eat more than just steamed veggies I ended up eating Caesar salad and potato salad - no real meat though!

Other than that I have been very good about eating a Vegan diet.

My body was really cranky with me after two full work outs so I had to take day 3 off. I also didn't have time that day. I got back on the schedule the very next day tho. The exercise regime is based on the P90x video series and this week I've done...
day 1 - Back & Shoulders, Ab Ripper X
day 2 - Plyometrics
day 3 - break (I did some dancing and walking tho!)
day 4 - Arms & Chest
day 5 - about to do Yoga X (although I may switch this up for another yoga vid I prefer)

Next challenge is dinner tonight out with friends. I am also going to a pot-luck tomorrow afternoon...

Again, my Olympic and Paralympic posts will be going up sooooooooon....

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