30 May 2011

Ebooks & the Future

As noted on our website, Greg and I are interested in new ways to tell digital stories. One of our Apps in production is a story series that is being "told" in a non-linear way with interactive features. This type of story telling for tablets and iPhones is not happening quite yet though many developers and content creators are working on ideas as I type this.

Some early examples include Al Gore's "ebook" and children's books like "Pop Out Peter Rabbit".

The SIM Centre at Emily Carr has invested time and resources to help Mozilla create an interactive nonlinear digital story "of the web" which should be available soon. I was lucky enough to be involved in this peripherally and plan to be involved in the SIM Centre's next series of "ebook" projects when their grant gets approved (fingers crossed).

The crux of this post is simply this: get ready to unlearn what an ebook is.

I would LOVE to discuss this new media with Marshall McLuhan...

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