15 June 2011

Christina's Top 5 iPad Apps

Here are my fave apps of the moment... (would love to hear what yours are!)

I'm not gonna state the obvious ones that I can't live without (mail, iCal, iBooks) - ok I guess I just did :)

Twitter for iPad rocks my world, the use interface is so perfect that I almost don't use it on my phone or computer anymore. One downfall... Creating and editing lists doesn't seem to exist.

Evernote great collaborative cloud based note keeper/scrapbook. I can access on my Mac, iPhone and iPad and share with others. It still has some clunkiness but I have faith those wrinkles are being ironed out as I type this. I would lovelovelove to see a to-do list added.

Pages good ol' fashioned word processing. Some formatting features are not possible but it is pretty good considering the iPad is more about media consumption rather than media creation.

Scrabble I'm not a huge Scrabble fan in general but this app shows how board games can be digitized beautifully! 4 players can play at once, the board rotates automatically according to each players' position and if players have an iPhone they can use it to hold their virtual tiles and drag their letters onto the board! I can't wait for other board games to digitize... like say Cranium or Trivial Pursuit!

Pop-Out Peter Rabbit or any of the LoudCrow children's "books" for that matter. They have done an excellent job taking children's storybooks to the iPad and incorporating interactivity.

I can't help myself, I must also mention Wired Magazine even though that makes this a list of 6... Oops. Wired illustrates how the concept of reading a magazine can be turned on it's head. It looks like a magazine but it uses vertical scrolling along with horizontal. It incorporates video and interactivity to help bring more info to a story. Greg says he gets lost too easily but I have no problems with navigating this cutting edge format.

That's it for tonight... Go Canucks Go :)

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daru said...

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