26 June 2011

Our Analogue Life

For those of you who have been following for awhile, you have probably noticed that I have shifted the focus of this blog towards anecdotes that are about the digital interests of Greg and myself. Once in awhile, however, I will still share stories from our analogue life – when the mood strikes. The following is such a tale...

Last night I was having drinks with friends when for some reason it came up that I don't have a self-cleaning oven. Our oven was in dire straits with drippings crusted to the bottom and a char-castle being built. I really wanted to get this sorted out while Greg was away.

I ended up biking home at the end of the night with a half-bottle of oven cleaner courtesy of my hosts.

When I got up the next day I looked at the bottle and though "I guess I have to do this".

Determined to stay in my pj's all day, I sprayed the oven (feeling guilty that I didn't choose a more environmentally friendly option) then proceeded to play Wipe Out HD and Fat Princess for about an hour.

Right about now you are probably thinking that my life sounds pretty amazing, eh?

I was starting to feel hungry and decided I better wipe out the oven (the hard part of the job) so that I could make a veggie pizza for dinner when I realized that I have next to no vegetables in the house.

Still in pj's with no intention of leaving the house I considered forgoing the veg and just eating carbs and cheese... the diet of my dreams.

So there I was, elbows in, wiping the oven when my door buzzer starts ringing. I stop for a sec and consider who it could possibly be. I check my phone – no text msgs – it must be a stranger or someone in the building who forgot their keys (our name is the first on the intercom list). Head goes back in the oven while buzzer keeps on ringing.

Once the buzzer stops, it starts up again right away. I just keep going about my business thinking "if it goes one more time I'll answer, but anyone who'd pop-by would call or text me first".

Then I hear a big WHOMP outside on the patio. My heart starts racing – OMG, is someone jumping over my railing??

By the time I get to the patio all I see is this:


Just in time, thank you Inner City Farms!!!!!

Now I have all kinds of yummy veg to put on pizza...

Garlic Scapes, Romaine, Radishes, Swiss Chard, Parsley... and Gai Lan?

Yay, it really is summer!

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