17 August 2011

Google + and Brief Updates

I have been asked quite often lately what I think of Google+. Well, that is a long complicated answer. I will shorten it by providing bullet points.

  • one account to rule them all!
  • my notifications show up when I am checking my gmail on my computer
  • it is organized in an interesting and easy to understand fashion
  • very few of my friends and colleagues are on it
  • mobile integration for my iPhone and iPad is not happening... although I have not looked for an app yet
  • I already have a very active facebook and twitter life, I don't need to do the same thing on another platform
See the "0" beside my name on the upper right side? That is where notifications appear.
Overall, I think that google+ is too late. I actually thought google wave was really cool but the challenge with both of those products is getting people to sign up for YET ANOTHER SOCIAL SITE. I believe integration is the key to anything new – integrating easily into what users are already doing and particularly on their mobile devices.

In other news... I am experimenting with entertainment in the form of online gaming (via ps3) and chatting with "talkers". If you have any suggestions or stories to share I'd love to hear them!

As for PinkPom's app developments, we are wading through some red tape with the NFB to get our educational app started. We are also looking for partners to help us create the Media Undone app that won us our award in Cannes. I've re-posted the video.


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