14 September 2011

Tweeps, Creatives and Endless Summer (I hope)

It is a humid night in Vancouver... a grey day that seemed to be trying to find fall but summer has lingered. Many of you have heard me say it, "September is the new August". I stand by my statement.
Third Beach Friday Sep 9, 2011

 I am just home after an inspiring evening with a long-time friend and creative collaborator – @MarleneMaddison who introduced me to her friend @NelsonLeis who created an award winning web series called The Jim. Nelson is off to France in a few weeks to attend the exclusive Marseille WebFest, ooh la la!

I just love talking to other creators who have spark and passion. I have been meeting with Marlene once a week for almost a year now to help each other with our creative projects. This has made such a difference in my life. We have both created so much more material than we would have if we hadn't been meeting and bouncing ideas, talking each other off ledges and generally reminding each other of our awesome talents!

In other news, we have had a bit of movement on the NFB educational film companion app. We finally met with the team that will be helping us see this project to fruition. They seem like very interesting and creative people, which is exciting. I learned why in business they say you always have to be prepared to pitch... I thought we were through with the pitching for this project because we had gotten through that phase with the education team but now that we are working with this new team, called "English Production", I really should have had a polished pitch for them. Instead, Greg (via Skype) and I stumbled through our proposal which was ok but not as inspirational as I could have done. Either way, we are back to waiting on their follow up... the government has its own time-space continuum. [omg, continuum has 2 "u"s in a row... what a rockstar that word is!]

Image by: http://www.flickr.com/photos/rosauraochoa/
I will end this post with my top 5 tweeps of the day (these can all be found on my twitter a-list, btw):


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