13 June 2012

The New Account Manager – Mad Women

Mad Men has done a great job showing us all the importance of account management. Back in the 60's it was the cigar smoking, scotch drinking old boys club.

An account manager would have dinner with 100 business owners in order to gain 2 high paying clients. What does that have to do with digital media? Well... it is all about relationship management.

Relationships are the key to sales. Back in the 60's, businesses were run by almost entirely men. Therefore the scotch drinking old boys club worked. Today, instead of wining, dining and golfing... Social Media is Queen. Now you can have conversations with thousands of business owners in a short period of time and gain 20 clients without spending cash – and the resource time is LESS than going to 100 dinners. This is the ROI for social media that many business owners are not seeing.

People buy from people... this is a fundamental aspect of sales. Technology has made the art of building relationships easier than ever before – especially for socially-oriented people. So the fairly new position of Social Media Manager or Community Manager should actually be considered as an equivalent to Account Manager.

This ever popular new position is primarily made up of women – I could write an entire Thesis about the reasons for this but that is not the point of this post. What I want to point out is that Social Media for business is often done by women and these women are being paid way less than their male counterparts. If you buy my Account Manager comparison, the wage discrepancy becomes even bigger. Both women and Social Media are undervalued in today's workplace. Let's fix that by raising the job profile to the equivalent of Account Manager and pay women the same as their male peers.

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