13 December 2012

Gmail – Why It Is So Great & Signature Tips

Gmail is an amazing tool to help both individuals and businesses alike receive and organize their email. I have been using Gmail exclusively ever since I started using a Smartphone. Having the Internet at my fingertips makes life so much easier and allows me to use a web-based email service to keep everything in one place.

That is what "the cloud" is all about! Version control and eradicating syncing issues.

Gmail allows you to import up to 6 unique emails into one account for free! If you pay, they will give you more of course. There is also the option to have your email forwarded straight from your email web host which is an option I use sometimes as well. You can even "send as" another email address allowing you to use it for both personal and business purposes.

I am currently making use of all of these options.

My tip today is about Gmail Signatures. Gmail allows you to include a unique signature for each email account you have set up as a "send as". The unfortunate default for Gmail is to include this signature at the very bottom of all the threads in the email. For the longest time I had been scrolling down, cutting & pasting the signature up above all the threads. Then I learned a new trick!

To have your signature appear ABOVE the threads + not have the annoying "---" above it, simple do the following:

Go to Settings which is the gear wheel below your Google profile in the upper right hand corner.

Then go to "Labs" located third from the left in the menu.

Then scroll down until you find "Signature Tweaks" which is near the bottom. Click "ENABLE". Save settings at the bottom of the page. DONE.


~ Christina

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